1. Ambri Apple :
  2. Ambri Apples popularly known as Kashmiri apples come from the lush green Kashmir valley. The texture, taste and classic sweet aroma of these apples makes the most widely consumed variant in Northern India. The flesh of these apples have a nice sweet and crisp texture and on the exterior this apple variant has a greenish and red stripes. This is often addressed as the pride of Kashmir.

McIntosh apple

No we aren’t talking about Mac! These are the real McIntosh apples, which hail from the hilly areas of Uttarakhand, UP and Himachal Pradesh. The slightly sweet and tarty taste and crisp texture of these apples are widely used for making desserts, jellies, jams, pies and cakes. However, the skin of these apples have a slight mix of red and green, whereas the flesh of these apples have an off white colour. In hilly areas this apple is mostly consumed raw.

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